I am surrounded by Muggles-Seriously ShopRite Scared me today!

So I figured I’d be a good Jewish mom and make Chicken soup …

      I am surrounded by Muggles- Seriously ShopRite Scared me today! So, I stopped into Shop Rite on Route 9 in Monmouth County. OH MY GOD!!! One would think we are going to be snowed in forever! I literally went into Shop Rite because I decided I would be a good mom and make some chicken soup for my kids! Normally I shop at Whole Foods but they don’t have what I need! I felt as if I was in the twilight zone. The amount of people inside going insane looking for egg’s and milk and whatever else they need was mind-blowing, I was honestly scared !

How many people could possibly be that worried, about a snow storm. That will keep us in literally for  no more than a day? Here at Photos By Glenna we will be surrounded by wizard’s. Because I can feel a Harry Potter marathon coming on. So if you want to join us by all mean’s call us 732-207-2422 or contact us by clicking here!

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