Battleview Orchards Family Photos!

Battleview Orchards Family Photos

Battleview Orchards Family Photos! So, I am sitting in my office and I get a phone call from this gentleman who was celebrating his Anniversary. He wanted to get his wife something very special, I really understood “him”. If that make’s sense? I found it so romantic for a man to call, usually it is the woman who calls. They both came in for a consultation and we booked a session! They also had a baby who was so cute and sweet that I was gaga over him. ( PLEASE SCROLL TO THE END OF THE POST TOO SEE ALL THE PHOTOS)

  When people are naturally connected you can really make sentimental photos happen, and trust me they were in sync. I loved every moment of the session. They trusted me to drag them to another location, and leave Battleview Orchards Family Photos session,  to make magic. I say “drag” lightly, they were excited to do it.


     There is something so special about the few minutes before the sun sets

As a family photographer  it’s all about  “lighting” and that is when the magic happens.  Being this was an anniversary gift, we talked and decided that we would leave the baby out of some photo’s. It is important to remember that when the kid’s come! That is just life. I love Fall especially while we go apple picking. Battleview Orchards Family Photos are the best. Well, I think so at least.


    But when you are at Battleview Orchard’s having a photo session with a baby that cute…




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80th Birthday Party / NJ Family Photographer

80th Birthday Party / NJ Family Photographer

80th Birthday Party / NJ Family Photographer

This weekend was pretty special. I have been planning my Mom’s 80th birthday party along with my Parent’s 60th, wedding anniversary for months now. As most of you know I am a NJ Photographer, so I live in NJ. But, my parent’s live in Boca Raton Florida 

 Instead of having them come to  Central New Jersey,. Where the weather kinda suck’s in the Winter. Many people got on a plane and decided to “sacrifice” ourselves to celebrate with them!  I have always loved surprising my parent’s and showing up unexpectedly. But this time was special. Not only were we able to surprise her at her home, when she didn’t expect it. But to be able to surprise her with all of her family and friends on her  80th birthday, did my heart good !

80th BIrthday Party

My Mom is so Lucky

Both of her sibling’s and my Aunt who may as well be her sibling, flew in.  We grew up on a block in Staten Island in the 70’s where she met her partner in crime, who is also  living in Florida, came! My Dads best friend from Kindergarten, who lives less than 5 minutes from them came. I mean the man is 82 year’s old and his best friend from kindergarten is still his best friend. It’s mind-blowing. I hope when I am his age my best friend lives 5 minutes from me! My cousin, her fiancé, I could go on and on. The party was at

80th- BIrthday -Party

The City Fish Grille  

And afterwards we all literally hung out and caught up at the hotel. I was lucky enough to do an engagement photo session for my cousin. That made my heart so happy.

The point of this long blog? The gift of the memories I get to give her. There will be a photo album to sit on her coffee table, that will contain her some of her favorite people and I am sure some favorite new memories. That is what truly matter’s. The people you love and the memories to pass down to each generation.

80th -BIrthday- Party

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First Birthday Session / NJ child photographer

 First Birthday Session / NJ child photographer

First Birthday Session / NJ child photographer I was so hesitant about this photo session which is an odd thing to say. To be honest the weather was awful. But Mom was so excited I just couldn’t say no, which I won’t do again lol. This beautiful little girl is such a trooper. She did not get upset until the cake came out. Which is honestly typical for cake smash sessions. I loved this idea of the balloon, it reminded me of the Wizard of Oz!

 The weather was so hazy and humid and even a bit of drizzle, but this Photographer decided to go with the flow and do her favorite thing, which is shoot her camera. The Monmouth County Park , 

Was still beautiful

Little Miss Mia is so beautiful, don’t you think? I was mesmerized by her blue eyes! And the calmness about her. Her beautiful pink outfit matched the balloon which helped create the perfect picture.First birthday session’s are so much fun, especially outdoor’s. I can honestly say being a   child photographer is so much fun!

NJ Child-PhotographerNJ Child Photographer PhotosByGlenna

Is totally inspired by this beautiful session. Maybe I should shoot in the rain more often!
NJ -Child -=PhotographerLook at this little face, and these big beautiful blue eyes. NJ- Child -Photographer

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