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 Sometime’s I am just moved into total shock.

Marlboro NJ Family Photographer How could this child look like this? Not close to being an adult, but very close to driving and being able to vote. How does that happen?

They are little for a minute it’s not a lifetime like you think it is when they are younger. It’s really not. I thought it would never end the constant whining and diaper’s and the no sleeping. Driving them to school, waiting at the bus stop for when they get home. Where did it go? Time. Did I really wish for it to go this quick?


I wish

That I would have listened to everyone who told me “It goes so fast” -“Don’t Blink” because it is honestly true.Marlboro New Jersey family photographerMarlboro New Jersey family photographerMy kids are the reason I took my camera back out and that was almost 20 year’s ago. Like I’ve said over and over again Take photograph’s they will never be this age again. To read my mission statement click here.I mean it and I still do it and they still give me a hard time about it but I don’t care because when their children want to know what they looked like at 16, I will happily show them.
Marlboro_NJ_Family_photograherI guess I should be putting this at the top of the page but I’m just not going too. I have been living in Marlboro for a long time and as a Marlboro family photographer I want you to know that Fall photo sessions will be over soon. Contact me here for a session before the beautiful fall foliage is gone .

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