Asbury Park NJ Engagement Photographer

Asbury Park NJ  Engagement Photographer

As an Asbury Park NJ Engagement Photographer ,I honestly could not love being by the beach any more than I already do. Whether it is on Sanibel Island or the Jersey shore. But being able to participate in a couples engagement, in Asbury Park, is simply too much fun!

Asbury- Park -Engagement -Photographer Getting Engaged is such a special time in your life. And even better to have your photo shoot in a special place that is familiar!

This Asbury Park Session was so much fun!

The weather in Asbury was a little colder than we expected. These two are so in love that you can see how much it didn’t matter! We had a blast! In Asbury Park NJ there are so many different places to photograph. Some of these establishments are timeless and they have been there for years! They are iconic.

Asbury- Park -Engagement- Photographer

Speaking of Timeless, black and white photography

Is exactly that! I love that some of their favorite photos are black and white. These photo’s will go on any wall in any house anywhere! Filling your home with love via photography is so special. The memories will never fade away. Which is why I love to sell Gallery Wrap canvas prints. I actually have them in my home everywhere.

Asbury- Park -Engagement -Photographer

      With all that being said Jenn & Harrison were awesome. They were my first Engagement Session of the season and since then I’ve had two more “surprise Proposals“! Which I love equally as well if not more because of the surprise and I am all about the surprise !

Life isn’t always Black and White Sometimes its a little more colorful.

Asbury- Park -Engagement- Photographer

With all that being said, I am obsessed with photographing NJ Surprise proposals and engagements!

If you need a photographer experienced with the in’s and outs of this. Feel free to Call 732-207-2422 Email or Click Here!

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What Memorial Day weekend really means to me

    Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is the time when summer “officially” starts. The beaches begin to open, the weather gets warmer, and the days get longer! But this however is not what this day is all about. Yes, we are ecstatic that it is finally time to relax and enjoy BBQs plus its an extra day off of work. But, we have to honor the lives of the people that sacrificed theirs for the United States. This holiday is a time of remembrance and honor. It is a time of respect and memories. This photo was taken on Sanibel Island. Where I always fee Free!

Sanibel Island Captiva Island Family Photographe


On Memorial Day Weekend…

Many Americans observe this holiday by participating in parades, visiting cemeteries, or just being with family. We need to take the time on this important weekend to realize how individuals selflessly sacrificed everything for our country. Sometimes while remembering our loved ones, we look back on photos that were taken. It is important during this holiday to have pictures to look back on for our loved ones that passed.

As a Photographer…

I want to be able to give that to you! I want to be the one to capture those special moments in your life! During Memorial Day, I want you to look back on all of those memories you have saved, and remember the ones in your life that selflessly sacrificed there’s to save yours. Remember the people who fought for our freedom





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10 Things I wish my NJ Photographer would have told me.

 Things I wish my NJ Photographer would have told me.

 Things I wish my NJ Photographer would have told me. First and foremost, “if I try my best not to stress it, It will be fun”! I always try as a NJ family photographer to make your session unique and fun. Some people stress it so much that it makes me feel badly, I love when my client’s trust me enough to come ready for fun. It adds so much more to your professional photography shoot! Some moments are too much fun to leave behind. Like this one in Sandy Hook NJ.


Another stressor for most is “What if my child is crying throughout the session?” As an NJ family photographer, I will always try my best to make sure your child is happy and content so we can continue the session. I will give you some instructions on how to handle your infant, two year old or even the adult children who may not want to be there (Including your husband). Also, people wish to hear would be “It is normal if you feel uncomfortable in the beginning.” For some people, being in front of a camera may be something you are not used to. I want you to just be the best version of yourself and have fun doing it!


As an NJ family photographer…

I know people may be shy to ask for what they want. If you want another picture, tell me! If you think you may look good in another pose, I am listening! I am here to make sure your photoshoot is everything that you want it to be. I would always appreciate for my photographer to tell me what to expect coming into the photoshoot. If there is anything you are unsure of, I am here to answer all of your questions! I want your day to be relaxing and something you will remember for the rest of your life!

It would also be…

 Comforting for a person to know exactly what they will get for the specific package they bought. I would like to go into a shoot being confident that I bought the package that will be the best fit for me! Being an experienced NJ photographer, I now know common questions and worries people have. A common question would be “What if I have a cut on my face or a bad breakout, should I reschedule?” From a photographer, the answer is no! This is what photoshop is for.

       The most important thing is that you are having fun! If there is anything that is bothering you, let me know. I will always be here to help you! Another thing I wish my NJ photographer would have told me is to not be shy, and it is okay to be exactly who you are! Lastly, a photoshoot is meant to fun and exciting, and that’s exactly the way I want all of them to be!

family photo session

If you want to book a family photography session call me at 732-207-2422 or email or please fill out the form below!

Have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend and please don’t forget what that day truly jeans



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