Tips For Photographing Children

Tips for Photographing Children

Helpful Hints/ Marlboro NJ Photographer

Looking for tips for photographing children? As a professional photographer, I have many. I love taking pictures of kids! There is something about their carefree mindset that just makes me happy. While I am well-known as a professional photographer for the broad variety of services which I offer (including family photography, surprise proposal photography  and even couples/engagement photography), I have become particularly well known for children’s photography.

What can I say – I LOVE kids! As my girls were growing up, I took tons of photos of them. And, while I still do, I often miss the “olden days”.  You know, when they were little and playful and truly innocent.

Sanibel Island Photographer

When looking for a professional photographer for a children’s photoshoot, you should make sure you work with someone who is experienced. There are some tried and true trick to photographing kids and you want to ensure the professional you choose is one who understands them.

Five Tips For Photographing Children

Below I’ve shared five of the things on which I rely when photographing kids.

Ensuring Their Comfort

Kids need time to warm-up to people, especially strangers carrying big cameras!  I know this. At a children’s photoshoot, the first thing I do is to put my camera down. It’s important to build a rappor – to make a friend. Maybe its because I raised three children, or maybe it’s because I’m still a kid at heart – I’m really good at getting kids to relax. Believe me, a comfortable child is going to take better photos.

Making It Fun:

Freehold family photographer

Freehold -Nj -Photographer

Children who are enjoying themselves are more likely to photograph well. Think about how your children look when they are bored or unhappy. Are those the pictures you want hanging on your walls? A hallmark of my photoshoots, whether they are of children, couples  or families, is that everyone has a good time. This means that not every photo will be posed – kids playing and interacting yield beautiful pictures. The actual process of the children’s photoshoot should be enjoyable for everyone!

Minimizing My Down Time

Honestly, when I am working with kids, I shoot non-stop, even when they are “between shots”. It is important to leverage every possible opportunity. In fact, at times I’ve captured the most beautiful moments when the children I was photographing weren’t paying attention.

Shooting on Location

While some pictures call for a formal studio atmosphere, children’s photo sessions are often most successful when they are “on location”. Does your child enjoy spending time at the playground? Let’s visit a local park. In Monmouth County,  Holmdel Park is a fantastic place to take pictures.

Perhaps he or she loves the beach. Let’s head there, the lighting and scenery at a beach photoshoot can be beautiful. Work with the weather and your child.

What does your child enjoy? Where is his or her favorite place, I LOVE a location photoshoot and will happily meet you at the spot of your choice. Unsure of where to go? No worries. When we discuss the plan for the shoot, I am happy to make recommendations.

Picking the Right Time

Well-rested children take much better photos than those who are tired. Schedule your photo session for when your child is most alert and content. That said, I’m happy to work with your schedule to ensure we set ourselves up for success.

So, if you have a child who wakes up happy as a clam – let’s meet early in the day.  Perhaps your child perks up later on; we can meet in the early evening. Let’s work together to determine the best time (when they are alert, happy and well-fed) for your kids’ pictures.

It’s Time To Schedule

Photographs of your children are priceless. Time is fleeting and they grow up so fast. You know how quickly they change. Today is the perfect time to schedule a children’s photoshoot. Let’s capture the summer of 2019 before it ends.

Contact me so we can chat about your children: who they are, what they love and what you love about them. A little background goes a long way in a successful photo shoot.  I can’t wait to meet you – and your kids!

xoxo Glenna

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How Lavender Changed My Life | Marlboro Family Photographer


 The Magic of Lavender | Marlboro Family Photographer

Ambien-Related Ramblings of a Marlboro Family Photographer

Some of you may be puzzled by the title of this blog, as I am a Marlboro family photographer. Some of you may be wondering why this blog is about lavender and not photography. But today, I am going to talk about how lavender changed my life. You see, I was a sleep-shopper. In other words, my insomnia was so bad that I had to take Ambien; if you’ve ever taken Ambien, you know exactly where this is going. Being a mom and a New Jersey family photographer, life can get chaotic (emphasis on the “chaotic”). With mothering three daughters, four cats, two bearded dragons, and one dog, quality sleep has become a distant memory for me!

Marlboro -Family -Photographer


Ambien Sleep-Shopping

Cue: Ambien. In an attempt to actually get some sleep for once, I started taking Ambien. I knew it wasn’t the best for me, but for my lack of sleep, it was so necessary. What happens next is both expected, yet still somehow shocking. I began “waking up” in the middle of the night, still disoriented by the medication. Instead of being one of those people that sleep-walks to the kitchen to make something outlandish like a hot dog covered in syrup and sprinkles, or sleep-walks outside to the front yard with the door wide open, I engaged in something a little more up my alley: sleep-shopping.

Yes, I, Glenna Rosenberg, had become a verified sleep-shopper. Eight hundred dollars and a freshly purchased round-trip to Texas later, I knew I had a problem. I am not afraid to admit it. Amazon Prime was second nature to me, even in my lost state of mind!

Finding My Zen

Soon after the famous sleep-shopping incident (which, let’s be honest, may have occurred more than once), I began practicing meditation. Now if you know me personally, you know it’s hard to silence the millions of thoughts I have on the daily! But I was willing to do anything to de-stress and finally get to a place where I can relax enough to sleep. Being a freehold family photographer, I have always known that photography was my zen. Since it’s impossible to be taking photos 24/7, I realized I was in dire need of more. I ended up going to classes at the Yoga Suite in Matawan, New Jersey. When I say this helped me find my inner peace, I mean it!

It was a place of peace and relaxation, a place where my constantly-buzzing brain finally (and miraculously) slowed down a bit. I was hooked, and my sleeping problems began to fade away as I continued to focus on channeling my zen. Now believe me, it wasn’t all that easy to up and solve my sleeping problems. They were still there. But I realized that there are little things I could do to make falling asleep a little easier.

The Magic of Lavender

Here’s where lavender comes in! If you have ever smelled this soothing herb, you can definitely relate when I say that it is one of the most relaxing scents on planet earth. Seriously, this stuff is magic. Fun fact: lavender is widely used to treat anxiety, fungal infections, and even hair loss. It also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is a definite plus. Even better, it tastes amazing in cupcakes (score!).

Personally, I like to use lavender essential oil to calm me down before bed. Whether it’s a roll-on, or through an essential oil diffuser, lavender is consistently soothing. If you’re looking to wind down at bedtime or even if you’re just looking for a way to destress right after your hectic work day, try rubbing a few drops of lavender essential oil into your palms or temples. You’ll be ready to fall into bed in no time.

Lavender Field Photoshoots

Inspired by lavender and all its goodness, I decided to pack up my gear and head to the lavender farm! Pleasant Valley Lavender is located in Morganville, New Jersey, and is quite literally a little slice of heaven on earth. Aside from smelling amazing and looking gorgeous, it also makes for a really great photoshoot destination. Here is the result !!!

Some fine art photography sessions in the lavender field!




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The Value Of A Well-Planned Photoshoot

The Value Of A Well-Planned Photoshoot

Why It’s Important/ Marlboro NJ Photographer

A well-planned photoshoot is valuable for both me, as a professional photographer AND for my clients. Over the years, I have developed a process (which I customize for each photoshoot) to ensure that I am well-prepared and that my clients know exactly what to expect. Take a peek at how I work!


Initial Phone Call

It all starts with a simple phone call. You’d be surprised at how important this is. For some people, “meeting” on the phone is so much easier than in person. This is where I “get to you know you”. We talk about life, your family, and what type of photographs you want. It’s time to share your expectations! These calls usually last about 20 minutes.  Then, if we are a match, we schedule a meeting.


The Consultation for Your Photoshoot

While an initial phone call is a great first step, I truly believe in the importance of a face-to-face meeting. It is a critical part of my well-planned photoshoot. You may not realize it, but chemistry is a critical component of professional photography – mutual trust cannot be overstated. I LOVE to interact with my potential clients, learn more about them and share a little about me. I want them to be comfortable BEFORE we we take pictures. And, when they visit with me, they can see all that I can do.  In addition to viewing samples of my photos (family beach pictures, engagement photos and children’s photos, among others), they can see, first hand, the products I create including, but not limited to albums, canvases, and wood and metal prints. Even oil paintings.  If they are happy with our interaction and what they see, we set a date and plan their photo shoot. We even practice!

surprise- proposals

Pre-Photoshoot Communication

Keeping in touch, prior to the photo shoot, is critical. During this time I provide guidance and insight into photoshoot locations (some of my favorites include Battleview Orchards , Holmdel Park  ) we talk about clothing and even props. If the photoshoot is at a place that I am unfamiliar with, I may check it out ahead of time. While surprises in some situations are fabulous and fun (like the surprise during an engagement proposal shoot); when I’m working, I like to be prepared! In short, I collaborate with my clients, leveraging my knowledge and experience to ensure everything runs smoothly!

Smile For The Camera

When the day and time for your photo shoot arrives, I have two words for you — “don’t worry”.  Really, I have this under control. I am a New Jersey professional photographer. I’ve researched and planned – and, I have tons of experience. Understand, one of the benefits of a professional photoshoot is the opportunity to interact with your children, your family or even your fiancée (a couple’s photo shoot is awesome)! You can relax and enjoy the opportunity to spend time together – I WILL capture your interactions and produce beautiful and memorable images.

nj -Professional -photographer

Your Images

After the photoshoot your “work” is done – but mine has just begun! I will head back to my office and review and edit your images. Once this process is complete we will book a time for you to come into the studio for your ordering appointment . You can and should invite whomever you want. We will have a great time watching your photos on the screen.

Let’s Work Together

In short, while I love taking photographs (clearly, I have made it my life’s work) your experience, as my client, is as important as the photos themselves. You see, a professional, a well-planned photoshoot is more than just a means to an end.  It’s an experience; one which I am committed to making special for everyone with whom I work. The greatest testament to my process and my photos are the wonderful words my clients have shared with me, their referrals, and the fact that they continue to have me photograph them and their families over time.

Take advantage of the beautiful summertime weather for family photos, a beach photoshoot or even newborn photos. Contact me today and let’s begin the photoshoot planning process. Last but not least I will help you (via a computer program) see what your photos will actually look like, on YOUR walls!


Don’t hesitate to get in touch today even just to say hello or ask some questions!


xoxo Glenna


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