Mom & Me Photo Shoot: A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

What to get Mom for Mothers Day? NJ family photographer.

What to get mom for Mothers Day

If you haven’t begun to think about celebrating Mother’s Day, you should!  In fact, the holiday is less than two months away.  So, now is the perfect time to begin to make plans to honor your mom (or your grandma, your aunt or the special woman in your life).  Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to think of a unique way to celebrate these relationships; every year I spend endless time trying to identify the perfect gift! Have you considered a Mom & Me Photo Shoot with a professional photographer?

Solving the Mother’s Day Gift Dilemma – A Mom and Me Photo Shoot

Celebrate your mom (or mother-figure) this year with a mom & me photo shoot!  Wait, maybe I should rephrase this. Don’t think this idea is limited to toddlers and moms.  In fact, this type of photo shoot can capture relationships that span generations. While photos of you and your young children are heartwarming, so are family photos of teens and moms (and grandmas), and adults with their mothers.  You may even want to consider a multi-generation  photo shoot; imagine how memorable that can be. Understand, relationships evolve over time; capturing them in the moment, forever, is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give.

What- to -get- mom -for- Mothers- Day

Gift The Photo Shoot

The experience of participating in a photo shoot with a professional photographer is truly special. It is the gift of quality, uninterrupted time together. Honestly, watching the interactions between mothers and their children, when they have the opportunity to truly focus on each other, is incredible. As a NJ family photographer, I love working with my clients to determine the best location and time for a photo shoot. Together we can select a place where they can relax, unwind and connect. Beach photo shoots are often popular.  That said, I simply want them to be able to enjoy their time together.  Don’t worry about manufacturing “photo moments”; they will occur naturally and I will capture them for her!

The Photos

In addition to the experience, your mom and me photo shoot will yield beautiful family pictures; ones which will truly illuminate the essence of your relationships and capture your lives at a specific moment in time.  We all know how rapidly things change; time really does fly. Documenting your life with your family is invaluable. Pictures last forever. You can enjoy them now and perhaps appreciate them even more as time goes by; creating concrete memories on which to reminisce is something to be appreciated.

What- to -get -mom- for- Mothers- Day

Mother’s Day 2019

Schedule your mom and me professional photo shoot for Mother’s Day 2019. First, consider your options. You can give the gift of a Mother’s Day photo shoot now. Spend time enjoying each other as I document the interaction or for  Mother’s Day, relax together at a local spa (we hear Avanti is lovely), or have brunch or dinner at your favorite restaurant. And purchase a gift certificate. You can gift wrap the family pictures and present a beautiful and lasting memory.

Or, if you’d rather, gift the photo shoot!

Of course you should still celebrate on Mother’s Day. However, you can schedule a date after the holiday to have the family pictures taken. So, spend the holiday together and present a gift certificate for the photo shoot providing your mom a fun-filled day in the near future. This guarantees both precious time together and beautiful professional photos that capture both the experience and your relationship.

Think about it; how many family pictures exist where Mom actually appears?  For example, so many of us simply have kids pictures. For some reason, as moms we tend to take the pictures, not pose for them (except, of course, for the obligatory selfie). In short, a mom & me photo shoot taken by a professional photographer ensures you will be an active part of the experience and that those closest to you will have photos to last a lifetime.

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Preventing Suicide, Parkland Mom Guest Blogger

Preventing Suicide

   Preventing Suicide, As most of you know I was widowed on September 11 2001. I  know the effect’s of PTSD. Sadly I  also know the lingering effects, that never go away. Lori is my  guest Blogger today. She use to live in Monmouth County NJ. As a Marlboro family photographer with a blog, As well as a mother. I reached out to her. Here is a photo to make you smile.


Well, it’s been a tough year. You see, I live in Parkland. Two of my three children attended Stoneman Douglas High School last year, the year of the school shooting. Obviously, the tragedy dominated the news. My phone rang off the hook for days. People I hadn’t heard from in years were calling to check on my family. Throughout the past year, as my family tried to adapt to our “new normal” preventing suicide was honestly something on which I had not focused.

A Photo to help you smile

Manalapan- NJ- Photographer

Recent Tragedies

This week, two students took their own lives. As well as one Father from the Sandy Hook shooting. One young woman was a 2018 graduate (the same age as one of my daughters). The other was a boy; a current high school sophomore. As a result, suddenly, we are reeling once again. My heart breaks for the families and friends of these children. I cannot fathom their pain.

I think most people associated with Stoneman Douglas are still struggling. Information regarding mental health and counseling has been circulated for the past year. Services including talk therapy, trauma therapy and EMDR were shared.  We all knew more about this than we ever wanted to.  At least we thought we did. I don’t know that anyone believed there would be more deaths.

Personally, I was hoping we were past the most difficult time. Obviously, we were not. My community had experienced the loss of life as a result of suicide in the past; but these two incidents seem to have hit much closer to home. Because many local students are struggling. I think we all realize that either of these two children could have easily one of been our own.


The news regarding these deaths has been loud and widespread  The word “suicide” is practically being shouted. And, it needs to be. Too often it is whispered.  We MUST understand how to prevent this from happening again. It’s an epidemic. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, “on average, there are 129 suicides per day” in the United States.

Think about it, daily an average of almost 130 people are suffering so badly that they take their own lives. They cannot comprehend that life will get better. This statistic is heartbreaking.  We have to do a better job of helping people recognize when they need help. We have to remove the stigma surrounding that help.  And, we have to pay closer attention to those in our lives.

YOU are so loved


Help For Those Who may be Considering Suicide

I know I need to slow down, to pay attention to what is right in front of me, and to look for what may be less apparent. Maybe we all do. We need to talk to our kids, our spouses and all of our family members and friends.  Actively listening to what they say is critical. Finally, we need to identify resources for those who need them; and reassure them that it’s okay to ask for help.

If you are concerned that someone you know may be at risk for suicide please don’t hesitate.  Help is always available.

  If you need to talk I AM HERE ! Doesn’t matter the reason I will take the time to talk to you. Click here to email or call 732-207-2422. I also want to personally Thank Lori for her story. It isn’t easy to tell but if we can help one person think differently it is so worth it.



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Headshots for your Business Needs / Manalapan N.J Photographer

Headshots for your Business Needs Manalapan N.J Photographer

Headshots for your Business Needs / Manalapan N.J Photographer. 732-207-2422

In today’s online world, your headshot is your digital handshake. You want to look professional, approachable, and engaging.

Would you like to update your headshot photo?


With this Portrait Headshot Mini you will receive light hair and make up done, with a make up hair and specialist from Chips Salon and Spa in Freehold New Jersey. 

  PhotosbyGlenna is teaming up with Chips Salon and Spa for one day only, Friday March 22.Headshots for your Business Needs / Manalapan N.J Photographer For your headshots As a result, your headshot needs will be made. Lately, it seems I have been getting many phone inquires for headshots for business and personal needs. As a direct result , you asked we listened.

As a professional photographer in Manalapan NJ, I have noticed that more and more people need a digital headshot. It puts a face with a name. Personal brands and companies are starting to understand that. Anybody that is entrepreneurial needs a headshot, even if it’s just going to sit on LinkedIn. LinkedIn profiles without headshots look a little odd. Hence why it is so important to have your digital headshot taken.

  As a matter of fact, I need one also!  Headshots for your business needs are very important. Sometimes, it is also very uncomfortable. I promise, to make it fun for you not many people like to be the center of attention, especially with a camera lens glaring at you. With this Headshots for your Business Needs / Manalapan N.J Photographer you will not have to worry about that.


With all that being said. Friday March 22 is headshot day for PhotosByGlenna. Please don’t hesitate to call for this introductory price. One digital headshot for $99.00, with light hair and make up included.

 You can contact us by clicking HERE. Or calling 732-207-2422


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