Local Spots for family photos in NJ

Local spots for family photos Marlboro & Manalapan NJ.

Local spots for family photos in Marlboro & Manalapan NJ. Here are my recommendations for five local spots for family photos near Marlboro and Manalapan NJ. As a Manalapan child photographer, I have visited countless beautiful outdoor locations that are perfect for family and children’s photographs.
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Choosing A Location

Selecting a location is critical part of planning a photo shoot. Because of my experience, I know what works and what doesn’t. For example, if you have smaller children, you want the location to be somewhat close to home. So, if you live in Marlboro or Manalapan, focus on spots in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. While pictures in Central Park may seem like a fabulous idea, the long car ride and ever-present traffic should be deterrent.


Also, nobody knows your child better than you. If they are uncomfortable in certain situations, it is best to avoid them.  A child who hates the sand is not going to be happy at a beach photo session, no matter how badly you want those photos.
Finally, does your child like new things? If so, than you can choose the location of your dreams.  That said, many kids are more comfortable in locations they know. So, choose someplace familiar, or make a plan to take them there a couple times before your session.  You want them to be relaxed!
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Five Local Places For A Photo Shoot

Below I have shared my favorite five local places for a photo shoot. Each is just a short car ride from Marlboro or Manalapan, making them perfect for family photos.

Location 1: Holmdel Park

 For years, Holmdel Park has been one of my favorite places to photograph Marlboro and Manalaplan families and children. It’s close to home, minimizing your travel time, and it’s almost always open, offering us the flexibility to shoot whenever is best for your kids.  Even better is the variety of settings it offers. There are beautiful trees and trails, a fabulous hill and even a playground. It’s lush and green in the spring and summer, it’s spectacular when the leaves change color in the fall, and if your game, it is super pretty when it snows (imagine some fun photos on a sled)!

Location 2: Asbury Park

 If you are looking for a children’s photographer who knows Asbury, I’m your girl! I’m a Jersey Girl at heart and have grown up at the shore. As a kid I rode the carousel in Asbury and feasted on cotton candy.  Today, Asbury Park is more popular than ever.  A resurgence of restaurants has truly made the city and beach a destination. If you love the idea of a beach photoshoot, Asbury is a great place to go. We can incorporate the sun, the sand, the water…..and even the boardwalk.  Looking for a great place to eat afterwards, try Langosta Lounge, their veggie burgers are out of this world, and they have a kiddie menu!

Location 3: Monmouth University

 I know, it sounds strange. Family photos at a college? Trust me, it is beautiful. The storybook-like campus is home to two historic buildings, each one, in and of itself, provides a magnificent background. Bonus, it’s not far from Long Branch, a lovely beach town complete with a boardwalk, shops and yummy restaurants. If your children are not too young and have a bit of patience, we may be able to incorporate two locations!  Bonus, consider stopping for ice cream on the way home. Strollo’s Lighthouse has soft serve and fabulous italian ice!

Location 4: Allaire State Park

 This is one of the most popular locations for photos in Monmouth County, and it’s easy to understand why. The park offers so many beautiful backdrops.  The village brings you back in time; the buildings are from the 19th century. You can pose on wooden bridges or in front of wagon wheels. There are also fields of flowers and trees and trails. The opportunities are endless.
Local- spots- for- family- photos -Marlboro- & -Manalapan- NJ

Location 5: Red Bank

If you are looking for a setting that provides a downtown vibe but also has the opportunity for some waterfront shoots, Red Bank may be the perfect location. Downtown is a mix of old and new, with buildings that can serve as a fun backdrop. The city is also located on the Navesink River and Riverside Gardens Park is a great spot to shoot as well. Don’t forget to stop at Sugar Rush, in town, for a sweet treat!
As a Marlboro and Manalapan family photographer and children’s photographer, I have taken pictures throughout the local area. These locations are five of my favorites, but are by no means your only options. If you want to look beyond these five local spots for family photos just let me know. I’m happy to make more suggestions or try someplace new.
Local-spots-for-family-photos -Marlboro-&-Manalapan-NJ

Book Your Session Today

If you are ready to schedule a session with a professional photographer, contact me today.  I would love to speak with you, learn a bit about your family and share the way in which I work.  While you are always welcome to have your family photos taken in my studio, I am also happy to brainstorm with you to determine the best location for your personal situation.
Pssst I also have a TON of Hidden spots under my belt !
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Tips on using your iPhone camera Freehold NJ family photographer

Tips on using Portrait Mode on your camera.

Freehold NJ photographer here to help! I figured it would be great to give some tips on using your iPhone Camera. Therefore, being a mom and a NJ photographer I want to help. Hence why I decided to write this blog. What is more important than your child’s memories? Here in Freehold NJ it seems to me that everybody has a cell phone. My personal favorite is the iPhone. Because it is easy to use, I also happen to I love Mac products.Lets talk about the “portrait mode“. I was obsessed when the iPhone came out with portrait mode!

Marlboro-Nj-Photographer-I have seen many parents struggle with getting good photographs of their children with a cell phone.

First open the camera app and move it to portrait mode. This mode allow’s you to achieve beautiful photographs that “blur out ” the background, that is called Bokeh! The Camera app lets you know when you’re too close, too far away, or if the area is too dark. Which is the look being a Freehold Nj photographer that I love to give my clients.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. While, I have to agree and disagree I will show you why. One day in July I was in Asbury Park enjoying the NJ beaches and everyone started to look to the water like there was something amazing there.

Hence the photo of the whale underneath in this case the best camera truly is the one you have with you. Without my iPhone I would have nothing to show my kids that this moment happened. In that case there would be no iPhone camera tips from this Freehold NJ photographer to give!


Here is one instance the iPhone portrait mode really worked. How cute is my little fur baby. He was looking at my bearded dragon. I was lucky enough to have my iPhone on me. Obviously its not meant to be a substitute for the real deal but it is so amazing. And being a Freehold NJ photographer makes me so happy.


More tips on using your iPhone camera from a Freehold NJ photographer

1- Stay within 5 ft of them

2- Your camera will literally tell you what to do. For example, if your children are doing something you want to capture in portrait mode. Slide it to portrait mode and when it turns “yellow” and saids natural mode, snap it. Wait for the yellow highlights! Don’t be afraid to tilt your camera front or backwards. Sometimes it will make all the difference.

3- Be on your kids level-meaning height if they are on the floor, get as close to the ground as you can etc.

4- Your children are priceless – if you are in need of some gorgeous photos of them don’t hesitate to try it!

With all that being said. If you are interested in having a Freehold NJ photographer photograph your loved ones.

Please feel free to click here.  I would be happy to meet you for a consultation.



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Photo Session Gift

Photo Session Gift

A photo session gift is the perfect present. Honestly, do you spend hours researching presents? If you are like me, you do! You see, I LOVE to give a great gift. So, I always choose them carefully. You can’t go wrong when you give a gift that will last a lifetime.

A photo session is the most special gift of all. It is perfect for:




A Surprise Proposal Photoshoot

I photograph many  proposals. Truly, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Capturing spontaneous reactions is so rewarding. And, the joy surrounding love is contagious. Today, almost everyone hires a professional wedding photographer. That said, many people are starting to engage in NJ professional photographer for their proposals.  To be honest, everyone remembers their engagement it is every girls dream.Imagine having photos of it. Is your child or grandchild planning a proposal? If so, gift the couple a photo shoot.



A Newborn Photoshoot

Know someone having a baby? If so, consider presenting them with a newborn photo shoot.  Parents and Grandparents love photos of their kids, especially newborns. Photographs bring joy that last forever. Of course, newborns change rapidly. A freehold newborn photographer who photographs a baby and parents are just beautiful photos. These mark a special point-in-time.


An Anniversary/Birthday Photosoot

As a New Jersey professional photographer, family photography is one of my specialities. Above all, I love seeing the interaction between family members, particularly among generations. The opportunity to take family pictures is special for everyone involved. And, the resulting images provide everlasting memories. Is someone in your family celebrating a special birthday or anniversary? If so, a certificate for a photo session is a thoughtful gift.

family photo shoot nj

Other Occasions

Clearly, photo sessions are fantastic! That said, they are also an ideal gift for other occasions. First, think about giving your pregnant friend or relative the gift of a maternity photo shoot. In fact, I even take beach maternity photos. Second, engagement photo shoots are a perfect gift. And, they are so much more personal than place settings. Finally, consider gifting a children’s photoshoot to celebrate a first birthday. Certainly, this will ensures this special birthday will always be remembered.

How To Purchase a Photo Session Gift Certificate

Above all, I love getting a call from someone who says “I received a gift certificate for a photoshoot with you. When can we schedule it?” Often, this person is so excited.They realize a professional photoshoot is so much fun. Truly, it is a treat!


Are you looking for the perfect special occasion gift?  If so, contact me.  First, you can share information about the celebration. Then, I can put together the perfect photo session package. Ultimately, your gift is certain to be a hit!


xoxo Glenna

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