Manalapan Fine Art Photographer

 Manalapan Fine ArtPhotographer

Fine Art Photos Manalapan Photographer

 PhotosByGlenna is THRILLED to announce the addition of fine art photography. Of course, this option is an addition to our usual sessions.  Family, children, newborn and maternity photography, both indoors and out. Can be enhanced through fine art photography.NJ- Best- PhotographerWhat is Fine Art Photography?

As a professional photographer, I believe photos ARE art. Seriously,I have filled my home with beautiful pictures. Photos of my family, friends and favorite things and places grace my walls. In fact, I have hung a photo I took of Sanibel Island in my living room. If you know me, this my home away from home!

That said, have you ever seen art that looks like a photo? However, when you look closely it seems like it was painted? THAT is fine art photography.

Manalapan- Photographer


Honestly, I love providing my clients with a professional family photos. Fortunately, the process of fine art photography helps me capture moments in time (family photos, portraits, engagement photos and more) and edit the images. The result is truly special, artistic pieces.

Where Are Fine Art Photographs Taken?

First, I can take fine art photos anywhere. As a New Jersey professional photographer, I love shooting in a broad range of locations. And, a variety of places can provide the perfect setting for a fine art photo. So, consider taking them in a studio complete with some beautiful props (think luxurious blankets and vintage floral). Or, perhaps in your home (on a fabulous sofa) or even outdoors. A Beach photo shoot is a perfect option.

Manalapan Photographer

Basically, through fine art photography, I can enhance the pictures I take. By incorporating additional texture and depth, I am able to create one of a kind pieces.

The Perfect Gift from a Manalapan Fine Art Photographer

Of course, a professional photographer is a special gift. Obviously, it is personal, heartfelt and lasts forever. Have you ever given a picture as present (even one you took with your iPhone, printed at the pharmacy, and dropped into a cute frame)? If so, you that is was a great gift!  Can you imagine presenting a professional photograph, enhanced to look like a painting, to someone you love? Without a doubt, a fine art photograph is the ultimate in special gifts.

 Interested in learning more about this fine art photography? If so, contact me here. I’d love to share my experience with you. Then, I can capture your family in photographic fine art. Together, we can create something magical.

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Hot Flashes / Marlboro NJ Photographer

Marlboro family Photographer/ Hot flashes

          Marlboro NJ family Photographer / Hot flashes here guys, seriously these hot Flashes are out of control! Being a family photographer I figure there has to be women reading this, right? Hence, I assume someone  should have some kind of advice for me, I wake up every morning all snuggly and not one minute later I am on fire. It feel as if, it went from a perfect temperature to sitting in a pool of sweat. In my office in Manalapan NJ. Which does not look like the photo below. Nor do I drink as the photo below suggests, I just happen to see that photo and all that beautiful Bokeh reminds me of heat !

Marlboro -NJ- Photographer -Hot- flashes

                                                                            Beach Photos

When I take my client’s on the beach at the Jersey Shore there is always a breeze! This way, when I take beach photos inevitably I end up with my feet in the water! This year, this tradition will have a different meaning. “Your Photographer” will be doing it so she can feel the cool water on her feet ! This is slightly pathetic isn’t it? I am supposed to be writing blogs for you guys to learn about me and other sessions that I have done. Because this will make you feel more at ease when looking for your family photographer instead its a help me hormones blog! For any women of that age or women well past menopause I am sending out an SOS! What can I do that will help? So I can feel like the photo below?

Marlboro- NJ-Photographer

                                                         Marlboro NJ Photographer / Hot Flashes

Is not how I should be promoting myself here. I should be telling you why I am the best photographer in the area. And why you would benefit from working with me, instead I’m begging for advice :)))

Women of Marlboro ad Manalapan HELP!!!!

 I think I will start my day by not having hot coffee and going into my new studio, which I haven’t announced yet and find a cool spot while I create magic. I am going to leave a contact form below, just incase someone reads this and can help or offer a word of advice



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  • Heather - While I haven’t entered menopause yet, I do take medication which leaves me with “hot flashes” during the day, so I feel your pain. I hear of some very successful natural remedies but haven’t looked into it too much as mine is medication induced. I know there are women who swear by some homeopathic cures. I’ll ask around!ReplyCancel

    • admin / Glenna - Im sorry Hot Flashes are crazy Medicine induced or not- a hot flash is a hot flash !!! I did hear sweet potatoes … Peppermint oil…ReplyCancel

Sanibel Family Beach Pictures

Well, the countdown is official. In just over two weeks I will arrive in south-west Florida. First, I will dip my toes in the Gulf of Mexico. Then, I will take some fabulous Sanibel family beach pictures. You see, this is one of my favorite places in the world. In addition to shelling (yes, it’s a verb), enjoying the fabulous weather and visiting some of my favorite places (see more below), I will also be working. Honestly, coordinating a beach photo shoot is always special to me.

Beach Pictures in Sanibel

Sanibel -Island- Photography

Understand, I LOVE the beach. A self-proclaimed “Jersey Girl” and New Jersey family photographer, I have always felt at home taking photos on the beach. While summer beach photos on the Jersey Shore are fantastic,my life as a Sanibel Island photographer has provided me so many memorable experiences.

The Elements Provide a Fabulous Setting

Maybe, it’s the water. It’s warm, especially by my standards. Capturing children on the beach, playing at the water’s edge is so much fun! And, what I have noticed is that you don’t need to be a kid to love the water. Pictures taken near it always have an extraordinary feel to them.

Or, it could be the sand. You see, the sand in Sanibel is FILLED with shells. Honestly, it’s a shell-lovers dream. You can walk for miles and collect them. They are beautiful. Imagine owning a photograph of your child gathering shells on Bowman’s Beach. The wonder of the experience will be documented in a family beach photo for a lifetime.

Truly though, whether I’m taking family beach photos, engagement photos or maternity photos in Sanibel, I love to incorporate the incredible sunset. Remember, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. In Sanibel, the sun dipping below the horizon makes for a magnificent photo backdrop. In short, this is the perfect setting for a couples photo shoot or an engagement photo shoot.

Why Sanibel Island

Sanibel- Island -Photographer

Obviously, Sanibel is special to me. I have been traveling to the Island for what seems like forever.  And, I have been taking beach pictures here ever since I began to visit. For me, returning to Sanibel multiple times, every year, is like my own personal therapy. I visit all of my favorite places like The Island Cow, Turner Beach and the Lazy Flamingo.

I will be in Sanibel from April 19th through April 27th. So, if you are looking to have professional photos taken, please let me know. Also, Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. Without a doubt, this is the perfect time and the perfect location for some fabulous family beach pictures. In fact, there is incredible value in hiring a professional to photograph you and your family. Photos capture memories and last a lifetime.

Sanibel -Island -Photographer



If you are interested in booking a family beach picture, Sanibel Family photos, beach maternity photos, or Sanibel or Captiva beach photos, please contact me! PhotosbyGlenna is a Sanibel and Captiva photographer and a NJ photographer.  She works both in Sanibel and Captiva (where she spends significant time)  and in and around her hometown (Fair Haven,  Marlboro, Middletown, Sea Girt, Spring Lake , Holmdel, Rumson, Manasquan, Holmdel, Colts Neck, all of Monmouth County as well as  Ocean County and Staten Island.

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