3 Reasons Why You Should Take Professional Family Photos

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Professional Family Photos

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Professional Family Photos “Why should we take professional family photos?” People ask me this question all the time! I KNOW you have a cell phone with a camera; your social media is filled with pictures of your entire family. So, why do you need me?

Well, my answers are based on two critical things – my experience as a professional family photographer and my life as a mom, a daughter, a niece, and a fiancé  and more. Check out these 3 reasons why hiring a professional family photographer is a good idea.

First, you will receive images that capture your entire family.

Family photo shoot 

 Of course you have a TON of photos; but, I’m betting very few picture all of you all together. After all, someone has to take the picture.  A professional family photo ensures that everyone in the family is included.

Second, the experience encourages special family time:  Photo shoots usually take between one and two hours; a professional photographer will make the experience fun!  Imagine this, no cell phones and no interruptions.  You’re not responsible for coercing a smile out of ANYONE!  Leverage your photographer’s expertise.  I LOVE putting my clients at ease and observing their interactions.  While “posed” pictures are beautiful, and I take a lot of them, some of the most special shots I take are of “moments captured”.  Imagine enjoying two hours with your family and leaving with spectacular documented memories. Those are 2 of the 3 reasons for a professional family photo shoot.



Finally, high quality photographs are irreplaceable.

Of course your I phone holiday photo is sweet  And, your Instagram post of your son on the beach in Sandy Hook, NJ in a word, delicious.  As a result these photos are so much fun, they are not always “hang on the wall” worthy.  Wouldn’t you love to have beautiful photos of your entire family?  You know the type, they are crystal clear with flattering lighting. These are the photos you want to frame and give as gifts. Hence, these are the pictures that capture your family at one specific moment in time. Photos like this illustrate relationships and tell a story.  These are the  photos you will hang on your wall and smile each time you walk by them. As a result, memories will never be forgotten.

If we are being honest,

I’ll even admit to using the camera on my phone. It is an awesome invention, even to a professional photographer.  I LOVE having a camera in my hands at all times, and this baby ensures I never miss a moment!  I have captured tons of memories with it. That said, those pictures cannot replace the special ones I have taken, photos of my girls together and photos of my whole family. As a result, there is no substitute for a professional photo shoot. And these are the  3 Reasons Why You Should Take Professional Family Photos
Central New Jersey Family photograher
If you are interested in learning more about a professional photo shoot and the value that I can bring to this experience, click here, or call me at 732-207-2422.  I would love to learn more about you and share my ideas for the perfect experience to meet, and exceed,  your needs.

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Professional Family Photos


If you are interested in booking a children’s photography session,  , a NJ Newborn session or NJ beach session, please contact me! PhotosbyGlenna is a NJ photographerr, NJ Baby Photographer, NJ Family Photographer and NJ Beach Photographer. I do sessions in Fair Haven,  Marlboro, Middletown, Sea Girt, Spring Lake , Holmdel, Rumson, Manasquan, Holmdel, Colts Neck, all of Monmouth County as well as  Ocean County and Staten Island.


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Grandparents and Grandchildren / NJ Photographer

Grandparents Grandchildren / Manalapan NJ Photographer

Grandparents Grandchildren / Manalapan  NJ Photographer

nj- family- photographer

If I could find all of the Grandparents in Marlboro and  Manalapan NJ  and tell them how much these photo’s will mean to everyone involved, I would. Studies have shown, that people who are lucky enough to have photo’s of themselves with loved one’s surrounding them. Will have a better sense of self-esteem. Because I  actually took a class on this, or I wouldn’t know it to be scientifically correct. Which was so mind-blowing. As a NJ Photographer, I have always known that. However as a mom I know it even more. There are, wall portraits of my girls and their Grandparents hung all over my home, office and my parent’s home.

What is the first thing a Grandparent will tell you about? Of course, their grandchildren! Which is amazing, and now they have smart phones to show you photo’s. However walk into their home’s and you will find heirloom portraits. This couple had all of theirs framed. Let me tell you , it’s going to look beautiful.

   Scroll Down to see the rest of the photographs

She came to me in my office/ studio in my Studio/ Office in Marlboro NJ. And, she knew what she wanted. Her grandchildren could not take a bad photograph.   which is exactly why I would love to reach out to all of the Grandparents in the Marlboro and Manalapan area. Because, they know what they want! Grandchildren ! She had the outfit’s picked out, she knew exactly where she wanted this to take place. As a result the Photo Session  was amazing.  They were a joy to work with and the love of family comes thru in every single image. At PhotosByGlenna we love families! Trust me, we would love to photograph your family. Because the memories on hanging on a wall will be a beautiful reminder of the love you always have with you.  nj- family -photographer



nj family photographer


Nj- family- Photographer

Please call 732-207-2422 or fill out the form below.


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How to Pick your NJ family photographer

How to Pick your NJ family photographer

How to pick your NJ family photographer.  Believe it or not, you should really know these things before picking your photographer. I often get asked many of these questions ,so I figured I would write a blog post about this.

    – Ask for referral’s. This is important, I pick everything I do ( with new businesses) on referrals. Do they have a google web page for you to check? This is                 good information. Most people post the bad on google, and that is good for a consumer to know. Another good page to look at for referrals is Yelp. –

– What I find most important as the photographer is A LOT of communication. So be sure that your photographer is open to your ideas and concern’s. Like any relationship if there isn’t communication much can go wrong.

–  Look and read the website. Be sure to make sure that the photographer’s style, matches what you are looking for. If not don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most photographer’s want your session to be unique special for YOU! Whether you are looking for indoor, outdoor, Black and white portrait’s, the beach?

NJ- Family- Photographer

How to Pick your NJ family photographer


– Go meet your photographer! Talk to them, see what they offer, their products. Don’t be afraid to say ” I don’t think we are a good fit”. Personality, believe it or not is very important, you want to connect with who you are talking too. As well as who is putting beautiful timeless pieces of Art on your walls. I believe this is the most important part of How to pick your NJ family photographer. How to Pick your NJ family photographer

How to Pick your NJ family photographer


  • You can also Pick your NJ family photographer by word of mouth. Ask around in your community. Has anyone used them? Ask what the experience was like.

I sincerely hope that some of this helped you. If you made it this far in the blog and have any questions regarding photo session Please click here!

Or feel free to Call 732-207-2422

Or fill this out below:

If you read this far down, please let me know. I am curious if anyone actually read’s these !!!!!!

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