Photo Session Gift

Photo Session Gift

A photo session gift is the perfect present. Honestly, do you spend hours researching presents? If you are like me, you do! You see, I LOVE to give a great gift. So, I always choose them carefully. You can’t go wrong when you give a gift that will last a lifetime.

A photo session is the most special gift of all. It is perfect for:




A Surprise Proposal Photoshoot

I photograph many  proposals. Truly, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Capturing spontaneous reactions is so rewarding. And, the joy surrounding love is contagious. Today, almost everyone hires a professional wedding photographer. That said, many people are starting to engage in NJ professional photographer for their proposals.  To be honest, everyone remembers their engagement it is every girls dream.Imagine having photos of it. Is your child or grandchild planning a proposal? If so, gift the couple a photo shoot.



A Newborn Photoshoot

Know someone having a baby? If so, consider presenting them with a newborn photo shoot.  Parents and Grandparents love photos of their kids, especially newborns. Photographs bring joy that last forever. Of course, newborns change rapidly. A freehold newborn photographer who photographs a baby and parents are just beautiful photos. These mark a special point-in-time.


An Anniversary/Birthday Photosoot

As a New Jersey professional photographer, family photography is one of my specialities. Above all, I love seeing the interaction between family members, particularly among generations. The opportunity to take family pictures is special for everyone involved. And, the resulting images provide everlasting memories. Is someone in your family celebrating a special birthday or anniversary? If so, a certificate for a photo session is a thoughtful gift.

family photo shoot nj

Other Occasions

Clearly, photo sessions are fantastic! That said, they are also an ideal gift for other occasions. First, think about giving your pregnant friend or relative the gift of a maternity photo shoot. In fact, I even take beach maternity photos. Second, engagement photo shoots are a perfect gift. And, they are so much more personal than place settings. Finally, consider gifting a children’s photoshoot to celebrate a first birthday. Certainly, this will ensures this special birthday will always be remembered.

How To Purchase a Photo Session Gift Certificate

Above all, I love getting a call from someone who says “I received a gift certificate for a photoshoot with you. When can we schedule it?” Often, this person is so excited.They realize a professional photoshoot is so much fun. Truly, it is a treat!


Are you looking for the perfect special occasion gift?  If so, contact me.  First, you can share information about the celebration. Then, I can put together the perfect photo session package. Ultimately, your gift is certain to be a hit!


xoxo Glenna

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August means this Freehold Family Photographer

August means this Freehold family photographer

This Freehold family photographer Will have all the kids out of the house because school is starting! I remember when they were young, I would count down the days. It meant I could go food shopping alone, yep it was a treat! I knew I had at least a good seven hours to myself. Id get my nails done once a week, cook a few meals and have time to take as many photographs that I wanted! Check out some of my old photography by clicking here! One hour to exercise and before you knew it the kids were back home, again! And I would edit photos of Freehold family photography. While my own daughter’s would do homework.


And I would complain and whine that I didn’t have enough time to do all of the “important” things that had to be done.

                                               Now this Freehold family photographer

Has learned the truth the hard way. I am in a facebook group in my town in Jersey, Marlboro: called Bad Moms of Marlboro. 

Except they aren’t really bad. It’s honestly a bunch of women around the Freehold area supporting each other and laughing. Why am I bringing this up? They are having a get together for moms for “back to school”. I mean how much fun does that sound?


Except when your kids go back to college.

It is different. The house is quiet, the kids leave and have the nerve to take their friends with them, which makes me sad. So if you guys are reading this, I am going to miss you! As a Freehold family photographer, I take photographs of children going back to school.

Freehold -family- photographer

But it bother’s me. Because I want my kids home with me. Is that bad? Am I the only one who feels like this, I can’t be, right?  I mean don’t get me wrong my daughter’s are NOT angels and most times Im screaming for them to do something and get off the couch. But it’s still sad. Any advice?

And in the event you want a family photo session Click HERE!



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10 Things I wish my NJ Photographer would have told me.

 Things I wish my NJ Photographer would have told me.

 Things I wish my NJ Photographer would have told me. First and foremost, “if I try my best not to stress it, It will be fun”! I always try as a NJ family photographer to make your session unique and fun. Some people stress it so much that it makes me feel badly, I love when my client’s trust me enough to come ready for fun. It adds so much more to your professional photography shoot! Some moments are too much fun to leave behind. Like this one in Sandy Hook NJ.


Another stressor for most is “What if my child is crying throughout the session?” As an NJ family photographer, I will always try my best to make sure your child is happy and content so we can continue the session. I will give you some instructions on how to handle your infant, two year old or even the adult children who may not want to be there (Including your husband). Also, people wish to hear would be “It is normal if you feel uncomfortable in the beginning.” For some people, being in front of a camera may be something you are not used to. I want you to just be the best version of yourself and have fun doing it!


As an NJ family photographer…

Sometimes its hare to know what to ask for, Ill help you. If you want another picture, tell me! If you think you may look good in another pose, I am listening! I am here to make sure your photoshoot is everything that you want it to be. I would always appreciate for my photographer to tell me what to expect coming into the photoshoot. If there is anything you are unsure of, I am here to answer all of your questions! I want your day to be relaxing and something you will remember for the rest of your life!

It would also be…

 Comforting for a person to know exactly what they will get for the specific package they bought. I would like to go into a shoot being confident that I bought the package that will be the best fit for me! Being an experienced NJ photographer, I now know common questions and worries people have. A common question would be “What if I have a cut on my face or a bad breakout, should I reschedule?” From a photographer, the answer is no! This is what photoshop is for.

       The most important thing is that you are having fun! If there is anything that is not sitting right with you, let me know. I will always be here to help you! Another thing I wish my NJ photographer would have told me is to try not be shy, and it is okay to be exactly who you are! Lastly, a photoshoot is meant to fun and exciting, and that’s exactly the way I want all of them to be!

family photo session

If you want to book a family photography session call me at 732-207-2422 or email or please fill out the form below!

Have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend and please don’t forget what that day truly jeans



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