Black and White or color? Free 5×7

Black and White or color?

So I ran away today to Starbucks to edit some photos and blog because between the dogs and cats in my house I can’t get a thing done today 🙂  As soon as I took this photo my “eye” knew it was going to be Black and White but then I looked at it and it screamed color. It kills me that this blog system I have won’t allow me to get better quality photo’s on here. I would like an honest answer on what my client’s prefer? So If you are a current client and answer this for me I will give you a free 5×7 from your shoot. Because I am really interested in what people like. For me personally it will Always be black and white.

I try to have family photos done at least once a year. Usually, I stalk my newest favorite photographer … I’m not even kidding the last photographer I used I pretty much stalked for a few years. Every family photo in my home is in Black and White. I truly believe that Black and White photo’s truly capture the essence of a person. Black and White is timeless and will forever be etched into a family heirloom. Please click here to see my Black and White photo’s.

Anyway I am rambling away from the topic which is Black and White or color? The  decision to give my clients who answer a free 5×7 of their session because (a). I like to make people happy and (b). I’m  honestly curious and sadly very honest and figure I just may get answer’s if the word “Free” is there. ( I hope you guys don’t think that’s obnoxious ) I so don’t mean it that way 🙂

            This young man, and I say man because he acted like one, should be a model 🙂


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