Hey there!

I want to start with the reason why photography mean’s so much to me.

I Love my job. I have literally traveled half way around the world to take classes with some of the best photographer's I know. I have also been lucky enough to train with photographer's who live in Israel and Russia who have come here to teach. It is because of this that I keep learning. I’ve won awards for some of my work. But really, my greatest honor is placing albums in the hands of families who will later place that same album in the hands of their grandchildren.

I started shooting my camera in the 5th grade and haven't stopped since - Ok that's a lie...

Life happens and sometimes ~ it really HAPPENS!!

Which is one of the reasons photography means so much to me. I know this first hand. Many years ago I was widowed. I am grateful that I have a many photographs of my husband with our children it means everything to us.

I was born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island and I am now living in Monmouth County New Jersey. Truly, I love it here. I also love to be in South West Florida on Sanibel and Captiva Island.

Over ten years have gone into honing my craft and gaining the expertise to create a luxurious experience for you. I have continued my education with numerous workshops, conferences and trainings. What I love most is connecting with others and creating meaningful and magical sessions that truly represent them.

It is the best feeling to leave clients with tangible, archival quality prints, albums and artwork that will be around to showcase their beautiful life for generations to come. Accomplishments: Featured artist at an Art Gallery in Spotswood New Jersey.

Published in:

Black and White Magazine for an award winning photo.
Life Images center spread.
"How he asked" on the Knot.

I believe it is extremely important to "give back" and I am grateful to be a part of:

Celebrating adoption Through Photography
Operation Love reunited: Military Homecomings
HELP an organization working towards helping families.

  Also, please do not hesitate to contact me for any chairitable organizanations.   I LOVE GIVING BACK.

I have a VERY special place in my heart for children who have Down Syndrome and have been lucky enough to be affiliated with Network 21. They bring Joy to my heart and make me feel special to be allowed into the community.



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