Some Product Selections: NJ Family Photographer

Some Product Selections: NJ Family Photographer

Some Product Selections: NJ Family Photographer

I am pretty excited to finally show some of PhotosByGlenna’s Products. Some of my favorite’s are under this paragraph. However I just ordered a bunch more especially for family photography.

And Children Photography   My favorite  is Huge Wall Art such as a  Framed Prints. It doesn’t hurt that I have the most amazing framer, who pretty much cater’s to myself and my client’s. She is local and so easy to work with. So thank you Frame Decor! Here are some of our Heirloom Products.

Lagniappe Canvas

If I am to be truthful, and I am. This has got to be one of my most favorite products. It is natural and rustic and it gives that warm cozy feeling.

Our Lagniappe canvas is made with archival quality canvas, reclaimed wood, jute and copper accents. Together they produce a beautiful vintage hanging poster unlike anything on the market. The individuality of this product adds the charm to any photograph, which ensures the artwork remains the focal point.


Crystal Flush Mount

This is a brand new product to PhotosByGlenna

Rigid Thick Unbending Pages
Flush Mounted on Hand-crafted to last. Clean and clear like a real crystal, producing
an effect like looking out a window! IT IS GORGEOUS and will soon be in the office to view.

Crystal Flash Drive

Your flash drive comes in a velvet box and is all Crystal.

Rose Gold Photo Box

These are great for Gifts or offices.

When you have custom photos printed we use the most amazing paper. One of our choices are deckled fine art prints.

This is a folio box containing 15 matted Prints. There are only four left in stock and then they will be gone!

I am beyond excited to show the rest of my products to display your photos from your session at PhotosByGlenna.

If you are interested in a Consultation please click here

Or don’t hesitate to call me 732-207-2422



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