Shelling trip on 10,000 Island’s with Reel Kind Adventures

 Shelling trip on 10,000 Island’s with Reel Kind Adventures

Yesterday I took my daughter and my Mom on a  Shelling trip on 10,000 Island’s with Reel Kind Adventures. Reel Kind is located in Goodland Florida in Marco Island. This was not my first trip but It was a first for my daughter and my mom. My mom loved the shelling but hated the No-seeum’s to learn what these horrible creatures are click here.

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I happen to be allergic to them. However I was smart enough to take my bug spray. But moronic enough to leave it in the car. Surprisingly after coming home I was thrilled not too have too many bites. Anyway, So back to shelling. We had such a cool time. I was even walking thru the swamps on Kice Island. The last time I walked thru swamps I got chiggers. Very gross. Trust me You DONT want to know.

So I’m so happy to say that my daughter found some Alphabet cone’s. Gaudy nautical’s some top’s. The Captain was kind enough to give me a King Conch he found however when I got home I saw that I found two smaller ones 🙂

Sanibel Island Vacation Photographer

I went home and dipped them in Muric Acid. Which was fine until my dad said “Dip it some more”. Needless to say I ruined my shell =(

 What does this have to do with being a Monmouth county family photographer? What does this have to do with being a Sanibel-Captiva family Vacation photographer?


Sanibel Captiva Vacation Photographer

But SEO tells me that I have to blog, so I’m blogging. Now I have to hit three hundred words. Hmm What can I talk about now? Well I guess I am going to need some photo’s of the beautiful shells that I found and with that I can tell you about my daughter’s new business involving shells. I will take some photos of that too !

XOXOXOOX Have a great day all …

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