I don’t get it! Youth is wasted on the young.

I want to be these ages again for a week !

I don’t get it! Youth is wasted on the young. I remember being these ages. Wishing that my parent’s would stop hassling me about my sleeping habits. My mom would say to me ” you should have three !” No better No worse” and here I am pissed off that my 21-year-old ( who should be studying for finals) and my 19-year-old ( who should be doing the same) are SLEEPING its 12:15 and they are both in bed.

Here is the question?

Why am I mad? I clearly remember being those ages enjoying my life and I very clearly remember my mom being so angry because ” I ” was sleeping. My best friend and I would laugh at my mom for being so unreasonable and yet here I am doing the same thing. I’m literally shaking my head.

Im tired and yet so  thrilled to be having an infant come in today for a photo session. Click here to see some photos.

Really, after that I would love the luxury of going back to sleep! As a mom and a business owner obviously I can’t. So please someone tell me what my problem is?

I am not even kidding HELP!?!?!

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