My Tampa Florida Friends. I need to show you Rachel Rayne Photography

Cuteness Overload

 My Tampa Florida Friends. I need to show you Rachel Rayne Photography  I am in a facebook group with Rachel and I never looked at her photograph’s until a few night’s ago. And trust me, I was blown away! You must check out her website. She take’s it to another level! Look at that baby in the photo down below. The ears! I can’t take the cuteness overload. Click here to view her website.

Not only is she talented but she is so sweet. I am going to try to convince her to come to Sanibel Island and take some family portraits of my family.

( Hint Hint)

Monmouth County family photographer        I am all about those babies toes in this photo! Rachel really captured the essence of this beautiful child. If I were the mom I would have that photo blown up HUGE. But you guys know I am all about printing and showing off my family. It is nice to walk past the memories on a daily basis.

Monmouth-County-family-photographerI hope that anyone reading this is having an amazing weekend! Hug those babies tight they just don’t stay that way for long. It is incredible how fast they grow up.

   Well being the insomniac that I am I think I will attempt to try to sleep. To view my photo’s please click here.

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Marina May

Awwww such beautiful pictures! I’m from Tampa as well!