Monmouth County NJ Family Photographer Needs two Pregnant Models.

Good Morning Monmouth County

           Monmouth County NJ Family Photographer Needs two Pregnant Models. My name is Glenna and I am a family photographer. I just purchased two amazingly beautiful dresses and I am looking for Two pregnant Models. You must be approximately 35-38 Weeks pregnant. These dresses are so pretty and sheer One is Burgundy and one is cream. Here are the dresses made by Katerina Hakaj Couture please click here to view her beautiful creations. Also, these are not my photo’s, however I am looking to create photo’s like this. Hence the Model Call. Please contact me by clicking here.

Monmouth County new_Jersey family PhotographerI love what I do. Photographing families and creating heirloom memories that are tangible is really what matters to me. Monmouth County new_Jersey family PhotographerPlease CLICK HERE. To see my Galleries.  732-207-2422

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