Newborn Monmouth County PhotographerARE YOU KIDDING ME

 ARE YOU KIDDING ME I couldn’t sleep last night. Which is really nothing new. It’s just yesterday  we lost 17 human beings to a senseless mass murder. Another School shooting 18 school shooting since January 1. 18 School shooting’s this year. HELLO its only February.


As parents, other than voting how the hell are we suppose to protect our children? Will Voting even work?  17 Families are grieving the loss of a Father, a son, a daughter, Why?

  What is different about the United States? School shootings just doesn’t happen in other places. I mean this is the United States!! How can this be happening here? We are sending OUR Babies to school for God Sake it isn’t like we are sending them to war.


What can we do?

NOTHING there is NOTHING we can do but pray that “THEY” start to put retired Police officers and retired military worker’s in each entrance of each school. I mean why not? The United States seems to have enough money to do all kind’s of stupid shit. Yet somehow we don’t have the money to do anything we can to protect our kids from YOUNG MEN going into stores or online and purchasing Machine Gun’s!Monmouth county family photographer


 I can’t wrap my head around this?

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! We are parent’s we will do anything to protect our children. Why aren’t we doing something?

monmouth family child photographerWe are not immune living in Monmouth County New Jersey ! Its only a matter of time……


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