The reason this NJ photographer is not on Sanibel Island

This is The reason this NJ photographer is not on Sanibel Island. Right now I hate the cold weather, the Winter,  the snow,  the shoveling. Well let me rephrase that. I do like taking photograph’s in the snow, to check out some of my winter photo’s click here. It is really a lot of fun but the thought of shoveling the driveway and the Ice is enough to fantasize about being in South West Florida Sanibel and Captiva Island.

Marlboro NJ Family PhotographerHowever – Monmouth County NJ has the prettiest Fall foliage. I am pretty excited, this season I am pretty much booked with a few slots left. Lately my client’s seem to be awesome enough to try out different times of the day, like early in the morning. Which trust me is not my thing. I am sadly a night owl 100%.

Monmouth County family photographer
     Which get’s me into trouble all of the time ! But that is obviously not a story to get into about photography on a photo blog, or is it? I mean its quiet in the house at night. Everything in the house is finished and I get to work. ( there goes the ADD) Anyway, This weather is outrageous the colors are amazing and the kid’s seem to be loving it. They are usually in good mood’s because those of us who do not have air conditioning in school aren’t sweating all day, and the shoot USUALLY goes off without a hitch Unless, you like photos like the next one, which I DO! I love photo’s that have everyone’s eyes in my lens’ but then sometimes this happen’s, and TRUST me this next one will be on a Canvas wrap gallery on my wall. To contact me for a photo shoot please click here.

marlboro NJ Momouth Family photograher   Being a photographer’s child isn’t easy. My daughter’s have been doing this their entire lives. So, they don’t take me seriously anymore unless I bring out the mother card. Which I did, and this is what I got. But I love it ! So anyway The reason this NJ photographer is not on Sanibel Island

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