Monmouth County Photographer Little Red Riding Hood! Let them play .

 Little Red Riding Hood. Monmouth County Photographer Little Red Riding Hood sessions were a blast  Last year I was beyond excited to shoot these! For the next week I will be doing “Red Riding hood mini” sessions – $ 75 includes 2 digital full file photo’s. This is extremely popular with little girls. These little Monmouth County Red Riding hood shoots make them smile and it bring’s me so much joy!

NJ Monmouth county Children Photo session fallToo see more of my photos from the Red riding hood sessions please click here. I love making little girls look like this. They ALL come out so  cute and absolutely LOVE the photo’s. I believe its important to let kid play. If the child wants a Wonder Woman or Superman its all good … As long as its RED! These sessions are great because it helps get them use to the camera 🙂

Monmouth County NJ Childrens PhotographerFall is such a beautiful time to take photo’s the lighting is amazing and it makes me happy 🙂

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