The Summer ended way too soon / NJ family photographer

The Summer ended way too soon

   I know, this is a NJ family photographers blog. But I am a mom first and foremost. The Summer ended way too soon and I get to send two kids off to College again. Of course it is a good thing that they are growing up to be amazing people. It’s wonderful that they listened to me and realized how important education is. But it still sucks! They drive you insane when they are younger, “read me another story” being a NJ Photographer I heard, ” take me for a beach photo shoot” more times than I wanted too. And now I have some advice for some young parent’s. Read them another story ,take them for family pictures. Sit on the couch with them while they watch Sponge bob.

The last two Summers

I have taken my kid’s away the week after their jobs at Ivy League Day Camp ended. This way I get two or three days alone with them. Before my heart sits in my throat while I send them out into the world to do exactly what I taught them to do. Be independent young women who can take care of themselves. Someone please remind me why this NJ family photographer did that? I mean of course I want them to do this. I just want them to do it from my house where they are safe from the world. How ridiculous is that? So to end this Summer I decided to take them to Long Beach Island  on the NJ Shore. Where they spent many summer’s. This year we are at the Windward Bed and breakfast .We are all in a very small one bedroom adorable Bed and Breakfast. Where I get to watch them sleep. Before two out of three leave for 9 unbearable months. (Ironic) Which mean’s I will spend so much time with my youngest ….

Tonight I got them to agree to a Family photo shoot at the beach. If you are interested in beach photos or any other photos please contact me HERE.

If you feel my pain reach out to me.By Clicking HERE!!!!



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What a Weekend !


family photography session this weekend. This is the first weekend all Summer that I did not have a camera in my hands. Honestly it was nice. I was able to spend time with client’s who had appointment’s for their family photo family session /newborn photo’s. It’s nice to talk to people when we can sit and relax. AND I got to hold a beautiful baby. It is incredible to see how much they grow in just a few weeks! This little newborn was under two week’s old at this photo shoot.  Obviously she is beautiful, would you believe she is even more beautiful now? To see some more of my newborn photo’s click HERE


NJ Newborn photograper

newborn baby photography

Family photography session

Also, I was able to spend time with a couple who wanted  a professional photography session of their family. From the minute I met them at the pre-consultation I felt as if I knew they would be awesome to work with. They rented a place in Point Pleasant NJ right off the water . Where the sunset was perfect every night. Except if it’s a monsoon! Which it was the night of their family beach photo shoot. Not even kidding. It was pouring, and I am not going to lie I was worried.

This family was amazing! First we went out in between the rain going from, windy and out of control to almost calm. They actually embraced the weather.   Actually it was because it was the only time they could all get together and it was much more important to enjoy than to be inside. I couldn’t agree more or be happier the way this family photo session came out. This was more than fun for me, it was just so nice to see a family “love” like that.

family photo session

Family photo shoot

For a family photo session click HERE or call me 732-207-2422



family photo session

family photographer

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Thank you: To my client’s NJ Photographer


I am sitting here tonight thinking about the Summer and where it went! Then I started to remember the people I have met along the way.Thank you: To my client’s NJ Photographer. I am watching this family grow up on social media. I met them when I was looking to take baby photos of a newborn with Down Syndrome.

Luckily I was introduced to this little baby and instead ended up taking family pictures. Which is always so much fun. But this family is special, to watch the love they have for each other, remind’s me of everything that is good in this world.
Monmouth county NJ Photographer

I have also been lucky enough to be trusted with newborn’s. Taking newborn photos of your baby’s first few weeks is really important. As parents how much can you possibly remember about those weeks? You are sleep deprived, surviving on adrenalin and are overjoyed.

Monmouth county nj Photographer photosbyglenna copy

Thank you: To my client’s

I have been lucky enough to be taking  kids outdoor photoshoot for ten years. This little one is kind of special to me. He is a return client. I feel as if I am watching him grow up as well as watching his family grow, after all I did watch his Mom grow up !


   The Surprise proposal’s that really make me cry, . Being a proposal photographer in NJ as well as an engagement photographer has really made me smile. And given me great joy.

Engagement_photographerNJ Engagement Photographer


                   One of the highlight’s of being a NJ family photographer in NJ is to travel outside of NJ for some photography. Here are some photo’s from my time spent learning from Noelle Mirabella Photography

I believe that no matter what field you are in it’s always important to learn more and grow. A very special thank you for the Red head who let me kind of stalk her into a session. ( no worries references provided and her mom approved) and she’s an adult 🙂 Also, I did a few photos for  SACK who’s vision is to inspire groups of volunteers around the country to crochet/knit, collect and donate bar soap to their local food pantries, homeless centers and transitional housing centers. The soap sacks are made with cotton yarn, which allow them to be used as wash cloths as well.

Last but not least. Fall Session’s will book up so  Click HERE to BOOK NOW.



Newborn photographer

Newborn photographer


     So Thank you: To my client’s for allowing me to share intimate moment’s in your families lives. It mean’s the world to me!




family photographerCentral-New-Jersey-Family-photographyCentral-NJ-Family-photographer











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