Excited for Winter Sessions!


I am so Excited for Winter Sessions! It is  strange to be thinking about Winter Session’s when the leaves are still so colorful. I hate the cold weather! I hate to say it, but with that being said, I honestly love to take photograph’s in the snow. So to get the snow I deal with the cold. I am going to call them “Winter Wonderland Sessions”

I am about to purchase a BIG WHITE WARM CAPE. That will keep my client’s warm.  I keep a warm truck nearby  with the heat turned up to make sure it doesn’t become too cold for all of us. I am going to try to stay away from the hot chocolate and marshmallow’s this year 🙂

White on White is stunning and “pure”, almost angelic.
The cape remind’s me of a fantasy session that I  want to do in the forest. I just  love white capes. They are neutral and will go with anything this season. All white capes look great on virtually all complexions in the winter lighting and will reflect on all parts of the face. If you are interested in seeing the Cape I am about to purchase click here.

In the meantime here are some of my previous winter white sessions for you to view without the enchantment of the forest. Monmouth County family photograherI love this photo. She is just so Red :). The other photo is just a genuine moment. Which to me is more documentary than Fantasy. I was thinking of going back into the shot and using Photoshop to get rid of the snowflakes near her face but then decided to keep it old school.

Monmouth County Family photograherTo contact me regarding Winter Fantasy sessions please click here. I am so looking forward to my winter season. My intentions are to do these Winter Fantasy Sessions as well as newborn babies it is  time I put my studio to use.

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