Why you should hire a Fresh 48 Newborn Session.


So, your baby is arriving soon and you are still not sure whether you should book a newborn photo session?  Let me give you five good reasons why Why you should hire a Fresh 48 Newborn Session.

 Sooner or later there comes a time when you reminisce on those moments and come to miss them.

Word of a mother! Newborns are stunningly beautiful! It is only natural that you’ll want to remember everything about your bundle of joy for years to come. EVERYTHING! Every tiny detail, every tiny part. Our memory tends to fade away with time and although the day you met your baby for the very first time will stay with you forever, most of the newborn memories will fade as well. A newborn photo session is an opportunity to freeze this moment in time and preserve the memory of your baby in your heart, by means of photographs. Click here to see my Fresh 48 photos.

 2. Newborns don’t give second chances. You can’t postpone their growth and so there’s no postponing a newborn photo session. You might think that a baby is just a baby, right? Wrong! Babies change faster than you can imagine. Newborns remain curled up the way they were in the womb for just a short while after birth. You’ve probably seen pictures of newborns in the past. So peaceful, so tiny, and posing in curled up positions. With time, babies lose their curviness as they grow bigger and get chubbier so that same effect couldn’t be achieved past a certain milestone.

3.  I think it is important to consider a newborn photo session is to have high quality prints that can be used to decorate your home. I believe that no matter your taste in decoration, there always is that coziness that comes from personal touches in form of baby or family prints on the walls. Professional high quality prints will let you print your pictures as big as you would like them to be and the quality of those images will still be preserved to perfection.

4. Professional photographs can also be used to create customized photo gifts for your relatives.

5. Your photographer will give you plenty of beautiful high quality photographs of your newborn baby. These photographs could be used to create printed and/or electronic baby announcement cards. More and more of my clients choose to announce the arrival of their baby. By means of posting images on various social media platforms.

While you might be picking out a stroller or a crib for your bundle of joy, why not consider picking out your newborn photo session? I’ll be more than happy to get it off your mind so feel free to give me a call to reserve your spot and let me do the rest. Just click here.

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